Valtech Meetup: The evolution of modern web development on monolithic platforms

Valtech Meetup: The evolution of modern web development on monolithic platforms

We are organizing the first Valtech Paris front-end meetup ! We have two talks that offer insights in how to apply modern front-end on Wordpress and on what the future of application architecture could be with JAMstack.

Talk 1

Using modern front-end techniques to make your WordPress set-up more scalable and fun.
By Geoffrey Casaubon

Working as a web developer in a corporate environment is not always easy. Monolithic platforms force web developers to produce code in a way that does not scale on the modern web. This talk will show how to use bleeding-edge technologies with platforms that are not meant for it. Using WordPress as an example we will show how to achieve a component based headless system that scales like a charm (aka the quest of front-end nirvana…)

Geoffrey is a front-end developer from France working at Valtech_. He Started as a WordPress developer and has since branched out to all aspects of front-end development. He enjoys building websites but also keeps time to go to concerts and build Lego.

Talk 2

JAMstack is the future. I think. Maybe.
By Tim Benniks

In this talk I explore the JAMstack concept. I will show you what I came up with after creating a proof of concept application with Netlify, Azure, Strava and Vue.js. JAMstack is a great approach to scalable, fast and secure web applications. Let’s see if it lives up to the hype.

Tim is a web developer from Amsterdam who moved to Paris to explore the magical world of luxury clients and baguettes. He likes to build fancy websites, make music and cook food.